Voice Over

My Voice is my Greatest Tool.

With the rise of digital marketing, it is more important than ever to have access to reliable voice over artists. As a classically trained actor, I pride myself on my vocal quality and clarity. I can take any commercial copy and find the humanity in it. As a creative professional I have invested in a home recording studio which offers countless advantages to clients. A home studio saves time and money for everyone involved, and gives both parties the flexibility to create quality marketing materiel at a moments notice. Whether you are looking for a clear and concise 15-second internet ad, or are trying to voice-dub a foreign soap opera into English, I have the skills to make your next project come to life.

Recent Voice-Over Clips

Midland Market 30-second spot (Background music also by Alex Baggett)
“A Boston Ballad” by Walt Whitman. Excerpt from John Brown’s Body, Episode 3
Hand-washing Public Service Announcement
Verdello Olive Oils and Fine Foods
“Old Man Reminiscing” Excerpt from John Brown’s Body, Episode 4

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